Monday, August 16, 2010


The Beets!!! I love this picture... I think it came out kind of cool!

Beets & Okra are in.

The tomatoes are coming in full force now!

Sheri preparing for flower customers... she loves her flowers!!!

Carol Griffin and Connor picking flowers for the flower share customers.... sooo beautiful!!!

Harrison Griffin aboard his fancy cultivator... he is so proud!

Tomatoes & Peppers!

Ian Griffin says "yummm... the green peppers are my favorite!"

Lisa Griffin sorting peppers.

Glorious Eggplant!

Our produce awaiting distribution time!

Delicious heirloom tomatoes...yummm!!!

Carol Griffin setting up the giant heirloom tomatoes for our customers.

Colors of Summer!

The 'sunnies' are out!!!

Vegetable share for the week... lots of goodies!

A sample floral arrangement for the flower shares.

An array of color!

Friday, July 23, 2010

Field Shots

Sarah Griffin bringing in some veggies from the field.

The colors of summer.

The colors of this Swiss Chard are AMAZING!!!

Sun setting over Oxen Hill Farm... I just love living and working in the country!

Come on in to to grab your veggies!

The vegetable line up! Lots to be picked up!

Vegetables anyone?!

Carol Griffin helping distribute a flower share to one of our customers. She loves to chat!

Working the oxen on the farm

Donald working with his oxen, Henry & Sam on the farm. They are training to go to the fairs. Look for them when you come to pick up your vegetables!

The 3 siblings

The 3 siblings working together. Sarah, Sheri & Jonathan harvesting the crops for our customers.